The Difference Between a Syndicate and a Club

There’s a world of difference between a syndicate and a racing club. Members of a syndicate are sharing the ownership of one or more horses. Members of a club are enjoying some of the benefits of being a racehorse owner, except, essentially, they do not have any ownership rights of the horse(s).

The RSACA has been made aware of cases where, by design or accident, a company/individual has made it appear to consumers that they are becoming racehorse owners by acquiring a share (howsoever small) in the horse(s) whereas they are not acquiring any ownership at all.

To confuse the issue, for the time being, anyone can be registered with the authorities as a racehorse owner, even if they don’t actually own the horse. For example, it is possible to lease a horse from a racehorse owner and the lessee register as the ‘owner’. This anomaly can be exploited by the unscrupulous. The RSACA is seeking clarity within the rules of racing and is currently making representations to the authorities.