At the Racecourse

Consumer Advice
As a syndicatee (part-owner) or racing club member you have certain responsibilities when entering the paddock and winners enclosure at the races.

  • Make yourself aware of the applicable dress code.  If in doubt (save for formal attire requirements) smart dress is recommended. Jeans, tee shirts and trainers are normally unacceptable attire for the paddock.

  • Ensure your badge is displayed.

  • When entering the paddock be mindful that you may have to cross the horse walk path.  Look both ways and walk slowly, giving way to horses.

  • Do not use flash photography.

  • If carrying an umbrella in the paddock, be mindful that it could spook a horse, particularly if being put up or down, so do so very slowly and quietly.

  • Winners’ enclosures are often smaller, closed environments where even the carrying of an umbrella becomes a health and safety risk.  Horses that have raced are often more highly strung and great care needs to be taken not to crowd the horse or make unexpected movements or noises.

  • Familiarise yourself with the racecourse health and safety requirements.